Why do I write medium articles?

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Simply, for improving myself and sharing “aha moments” from my own experience.

There is plenty of content and classes for the topics I write about. For many years I thought that I would not bring anything new to the table. After I started learning new topics by reading articles in data science, I understood the impact. But I strictly avoid duplicating articles that others have already written about. I either focus on finer aspects I learnt from my experience or share what worked for me in practice and why I chose one option from several. I also try to find a specialized topic that has not been covered — for example Pulp has been covered but I shared column-wise modeling.

But the biggest motivating factor for me is to improve my own learning of a topic. When I write about a topic, my understanding of a topic increases in clarity. I also try to simplify a topic or describe in different ways and that imprints the fundamentals in my brain.

PS: It does take time especially if I have to work with editors. So for now I write a rough cut for myself and polish it in future if needed.




Data Science | Machine Learning | Operations Research https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramgit/

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Ram Thiruveedhi

Ram Thiruveedhi

Data Science | Machine Learning | Operations Research https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramgit/

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